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The term “Historical European Martial Arts” (HEMA) refers to

a wide array of martial disciplines traditionally practiced in Europe and its
colonies. These consist of the following:

• Unarmored combat with various weapons (longsword, rapier,
sword & buckler, polearms, etc.) 

• Armored combat with various weapons (sword, dagger, spear,
poleaxe, etc.)

• Mounted combat (armored and unarmored, primarily with
sword and lance)

• Unarmed combat (wrestling, punching and kicking arts;
integrated into all of the above)...
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Introduction to the New Jersey Historical Fencing Association

New Jersey Historical Fencing Association (NJHFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the practice and study of the martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. In the modern world, this Art is often called Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) or simply historical fencing. The term “fencing” historically denotes all manners of the art and scienceof defense, with or without weapons. As the study of HEMA greatly diminished by the 18thcentury, and was all but extinct by the 19th due to the prevalence of firearms, it has not beenwidely practiced for over two-hundred years. However, this martial art has seen a revival inthe last twenty-five years which would not have been possible without the martial artstreatises written by our ancient combat masters. Over a hundred of these source texts areextant, and they span from the late 13th century to the 18th. Our study of this martial art isderived from these fencing books, or fecht bucher, as they’ve come to be known by their German term, and these texts therefore make this both a physical and academic pursuit...Click to read more

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