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Every Sunday Lakeland Hgh School , 205 Conklintown Rd. Wanaque New Jersey


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(Please contact us before visiting as our schedule and locations change) 

Young Knight learn to love God and revere women so that your honour grows. Practice knighthood and learn the Art that dignifies you, and brings you honour in wars. Wrestle well and wield lance, spear, sword, and dagger manfully, whose use in others' hands is wasted. Strike bravely and hard there! Rush to, strike or miss. Those with wisdom loath, the one forced to defend. This you should grasp: All arts have length and measure. Whatever you undertake, use deliberation. In earnest or in play, be of good cheer and vitality, so you may be attentive and with good courage ponder what action you should take, so that none may touch you, since good courage and strength make your enemies hesitate. Keep in mind to give no-one any advantage. Avoid foolhardiness, do not attempt to match four or six opponents at once. Restrain your ambition, this will benefit you. He is a courageous man who can stand against his equal, while it is no shame to flee from four or six. -Johannes Liechtenauer, 14th Century German Fencing Master.


New Jersey Historical Fencing Association is dedicated to reconstructing the Martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Europe.
These ancient fighting arts survive in hundreds of treatises or fencing manuals written by masters who used these arts as a Science of Defense.
The NJ-HFA studies these pan-European martial arts as they existed roughly between the years of 1300-1700.